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Diane Pelosi (Sturner)
designer Widowed 2

Life as I know it now!
     Well I will start at the beginning. Graduated with all of you and was married in 1972. We lived in New Canaan til 1978 than moved to La Costa, Ca. My brother Jay or Jim as some knew was killed in a car accident the year we were married 1976. After my mother died in 1978 we moved to California. Today I have 2 daughters. Ashley Elizabeth 35 and Whitney Jane 26. I am blessed to have children. I had a long and loving marriage to a man older than me by 16 years. He had 3 children , whom I remain close to today. Bob {my husband} had a life altering storke in 1998, which forever changed the word marrige. I now was captain of the ship, caretaker, head of the house. He was a very loving, positive, man. In 2009 he died at the age of 76. I now am beginning to live again and learning to find Diane. Currently I have many life challenges with the job market and the tough real estate market in California. I choose to stay on the sunny side of the street with the belief that God and good prevails. Everyday a person can decide how they see life. I am thankful for my great health, my children and the love of great family and friends. As my husband would have said "It's Not Latitude, It's Attitude." It's A Super Life! Diane

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Lauraine Coutermash (Slesh)
Bookeeper Married 2

I have 2 children and 2 grandsons.  I've had a variety of jobs through out the years, but for the most part I'm a bookeeper.  It's fun to read everyones stories and to see what they've been doing.
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Richard Schueler
Profile picture
retired Married 2
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Mark Vosburgh
Consultant Married

Brief history having not been able to make the last renunion.
DHS then to Monmouth College, IL with Mark Duffield, Victor Benzyk, and Mike O'Neil.
Drafted into the Army but did ROTC instead and got medical discharge after basic training with a bad back.
Went back to Darien, hooked up with Mark Koellmer, and worked the swing shift at the gas station on 1-95.
Went to Woodstock
Then onto Florida to open a fast food - seafood place with Mark Duffield and two other investors - went bust after a year and returned to Darien.
Painted a guy's house who was moving to Denver and he asked me to join him and his wife and restore their mini-mansion in Denver.  After 6 months the house was done and I went on to work as a Laborer, Iron Worker apprentice, Warehouseman and then got a job as a Management Consultant with a company doing cost savings (a/k/a eliminating jobs).   While there, had gigs in Dallas, Cleveland and Alburquerque.  Turned down the next assignment in Deadwood, SD and instead got married and took a trip around the world. 
Got back - no work so we moved to Norwalk, CT where she was a programmer for Pitney Bowes and I was an Operations Manager for 3 Floors at Bloomingdales - 59th Street.
2.5 years later, shed the wife and the job to go to work for Citi for the "Citi Never Sleeps" campaign and moved to Manhattan.  Hooked up with Scott Sutton where we had season Jets and Ranger Tickets. 
Citi kept moving me around so I moved closer to the job - Forest Hills.  Met wife #2 - a/k/a/ Ruth.
Worked 17 years and then got laid off and went to work for EDS (Ross Perot's old company) in Morris Plains , NJ for 2.5 years, then got laid off and went to work for Verizon, got laid off, then to 2 Internet Securit Companies, both went bust.
At this point I needed to make some money so I went back to Citi and retired there in 2008 with a total of 25 years.  Two days after I left, I got a call from a friend and went back to work as a consultant for DBM ( Drake Beam Morin), a large international outplacement company.  Business is slow right now so give me a call - more to follow....hope you weren't bored and I apologize for the delay in getting this on the website.   My very best to all of you and a sincere thanks to all of the folks that worked putting this web site together.

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Jean Seibert (Mason)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Teacher Married
Where to begin? After graduating from DHS, my parents moved to Pittsburgh and I attended Marietta College in Ohio where I got a degree in math.  I taught math for 2 years in Ohio, then moved to sunny Florida where I've been ever since.  I got a masters in math ed, then my MBA while teaching in Florida.  I'm married to husband #2 for 15 years.  In my spare time I write romantic suspense novels (not published, but close) and enjoy photography.
Creel Cutler (McCormack)
retired Married 2
Since the 40th reunion (such fun!) I've retired.  Playing golf and tennis and zero stress.  I feel very lucky. Send Creel a MessageSend Creel a Message
Betsy Howell (Hampton)
Healthcare Executive Married 1
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Profile picture
Profile picture
bookseller Married 1
I see Bill Fine (who I remember - at least by name) here, so I figure I'll check in too. I too was packed off to boarding school, after one year at DHS. I passed through Holmes School and Middlesex JH with probably more of you than I can still remember (more than I'm sure still remember me), so it is a bit of trip down memory lane visiting this site. I'll add my presence here on the off-chance there might be anyone caring to contact me, perhaps to try to jog my memory.
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Judith "Paddies" Johnson (Austin)
Registered Nurse Married 2
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Bob Radocy
Profile picture
Prosthetics Engineer/Designer Married
Hey Blue Wave Kids,
I won't be able to make the reunion in 2012 but wish you all a great time! My wife Lesley and I are venturing out and building a new home here in Colorado and we are going to be right in the middle of wrapping things up on that project this Fall.
Our lives are good. We have been blessed with sound health, and solid vocations, and  a great daughter Rachel Sierra (Long curly hair). Lesley is looking at retirement within a few years, while I enjoy my work life enough to keep going for a while longer. Anyone interested in seeing what I do can go to where my career/business information is located. 
The most interesting and exciting thing that's happened recently for me is the development of a innovative new concept in prosthetics that is allowing me to throw a ball left handed for the first time since 1971. I was a "southpaw" and lost my left hand in an auto accident that year. It was one of the more traumatic aspects of that accident for me. Now I'm throwing a 46 mph fastball with a prosthesis and hope to break the 50 mph barrier soon. It's never been done before in the history of prosthetics to my knowledge... kind like the "Oscar Prestorius"  thing, but not  an Olympic achievement. The new product is still proprietary but it might capture some national attention when I'm able to reveal the design... probably within a few months. Maybe I'll show up again on PBS somewhere.
Take care all! 
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