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Lisa Coulter (Hogan)
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Profile picture
Retired Married 2
Looking forward to seeing you all in October.
I have been married for 39 years, living in Philadelphia for 41.  We have two married children and two grandchildren.  All of them are in Seattle so we visit frequently.  Graduated from DePauw and then earned my MSW from Rutgers.  I had a 35 year career working with adults who have serious mental health issues. My husband and I both retired on 10/10/08 and then had a huge party to celebrate.  Since then we have traveled around the world once and go on several great trips each year.  I play as much tennis and golf as possible. Loving every bit of retirement. Anyone in the Philadelphia area?  
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Allison Brown (Vanderlinden)
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Retired Married 1
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John Brockardt
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Manager Married 3
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PLUMBER Divorced 1
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Logan Rogers
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AFLAC insurance agent Single Again 3
A few changes since the 40th. I'm single again. Started working for AFLAC and I moved to Cleveland, Georgia. Single life was difficult at first, but I'm part of a church community here in the mountains and life keeps getting better. Looking forward to this 45th reunion making it my fifth time to gather with the class of 67.    Send Logan a MessageSend Logan a Message
Byllie Ann Hill (Magnant)
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recently retired financial advisor Married 2
Larry and I have two girls who are both married and live in California. Alicia and her husband live in Sausalito and have a daughter and a son. Nikki and Gavin live in San Diego and have two daughters. Lar's "sorority house" keept expanding until Wyatt was born! We are crazy about both our sons-in-law. We all have a great time when we get together, four or five times a year.  

After retiring from my own financial advisory firm, Lar convinced me to start another firm with him during my "so-called" retirement.   

My love for the game of golf since I was 6 will now revert to officiating due to a spinal disorder.  Our  love of travel is only surpassed by the special time we spend with our children and grandchildren.   
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Garrett M - Garry Brown
Actor/Writer ( and painting, too!) Married 4

Gosh, not sure I can keep up with these reunions!  Had to forego my 40th college this summer to go to our family reunion in NH -!  Oh boy - but it was well worth it...again, thanks to everyone involved in putting together these events not to mention maintaining this website. Marie and I will do our best to be there in October, 2012 -- continued good health and blessings among us all,  Garry B.
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Warren Wehmann
Real Estate Broker Married 3
Jan and I moved to Chapel Hill 22 years ago to raise our family.

I am retired from IBM after a great career in WW Marketing Communications and Advertising. This year I joined my son Jonathan in a real estate partnership. Jan will be joining us soon.

Our daughters Carrie and Kelly live nearby and we are fortunate to spent lots of time with their families and our three grandchildren, Sarah(6), Lily(2.5) and Wyatt(2).

We still talk about the Reunion and it was great to see how everyone is doing. We both wish we had more time to catch up with all of you. This website will give us that next best chance.
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Diane Pelosi (Sturner)
designer Widowed 2

Life as I know it now!
     Well I will start at the beginning. Graduated with all of you and was married in 1972. We lived in New Canaan til 1978 than moved to La Costa, Ca. My brother Jay or Jim as some knew was killed in a car accident the year we were married 1976. After my mother died in 1978 we moved to California. Today I have 2 daughters. Ashley Elizabeth 35 and Whitney Jane 26. I am blessed to have children. I had a long and loving marriage to a man older than me by 16 years. He had 3 children , whom I remain close to today. Bob {my husband} had a life altering storke in 1998, which forever changed the word marrige. I now was captain of the ship, caretaker, head of the house. He was a very loving, positive, man. In 2009 he died at the age of 76. I now am beginning to live again and learning to find Diane. Currently I have many life challenges with the job market and the tough real estate market in California. I choose to stay on the sunny side of the street with the belief that God and good prevails. Everyday a person can decide how they see life. I am thankful for my great health, my children and the love of great family and friends. As my husband would have said "It's Not Latitude, It's Attitude." It's A Super Life! Diane

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Lauraine Coutermash (Slesh)
Bookeeper Married 2

I have 2 children and 2 grandsons.  I've had a variety of jobs through out the years, but for the most part I'm a bookeeper.  It's fun to read everyones stories and to see what they've been doing.
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