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Jamie Myrick (Lloyd)
adminstrative assistant Married 2
All is well in California.  My husband and incorporated out business last year and I am doing much more of the secretarial work than before. 

We have a son and daughter who are doing well.  No grandkids but have 6 granddogs and 1 of our own. 
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Robert Hughes
Profile picture
Profile picture
Mechanical Engineer Married 2
What I've been up to for the past forty years!!!...after a 13 year "on again/off again" courtship that started at DHS, Cindi Birchfield (DHS Class of 1968) and I married in 1978.  We settled in Woodbury, CT where we still live today.  We have two children-Laura-age 24 -is a nursery/preschool teacher; Matthew - age 20 - is a photographer.  My high school part time after school job as a draftsman for an engineering company has turned into my vocation.  For the past 42 years, I have been in the mechanical engineering field.  At present I am an Associate with Thornton Tomasetti, Inc., a large engineering firm based in NYC; I work out of the New Haven office.  My family still has our cottage on a lake in Maine where we spend as much time as possible each has been good! Send Robert a MessageSend Robert a Message
Retired Married 3

Moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2008.  All four granddaughters visited us there last month.  Visited our youngest and his wife at their new home in NC too (our third trip across the bay bridge tunnel in 9 mos).  Headed for UNC game @ UCONN next weekend, then partying w/Pat & Pat in Norwalk!

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Barbara Ballantyne
Recently Retired Single Again 2

Where to start???   (2007)

Having read through 10 pages of classmates' thoughts, was motivated to add my own...

A quick update: Was married 27 years, resulting in two beautiful daughters, and a divorce.  Getting back into the dating scene was surreal, but am now happily learning all I can about Christmas Trees...

Teaching 4th graders has kept me plenty busy since college, have loved it, but am looking forward to the next phase...

Baker-Burgess CSI classes in the lecture hall...
Jon Goodall's write-up triggered renewed fears of being chased to the beach by Dr. Bruno on Skip Day..."When You Walk Through The Storm" as our graduating class farewell song.

Soon, it will ( almost ) be like we never left...
Looking forward to more  "jogged memories"...

June 2011
Sooooooooo, four years have elapsed, I have become a doting Grandmom, retired from teaching just two days ago (Define Retirement!), and will no longer be able to get free Christmas trees, because the "Tree Man" and I are no longer dating.  I hear the artificial kind  is great...Bring it on!

September 2012
Four weeks and counting...Wouldn't want to miss any kind of a reunion, but this one, especially so, because apparently it has been deemed our grand finale...Any of you who are out there, close proximity or otherwise, please think about joining us. I'm sure it's not too late. Really looking forward to seeing all those who have already RSVP'd.

A BIG THANK YOU TO NANCY (again!) AND BILL AND PAT for their time, effort and persistence!
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Rob Siegner
Retired Married 2
Will be married 41 years this December to Joanne.  Have 2 wonderful kids (now adults).  Keith is married and has 3 great kids.  He lives in Westport, works at Credit-Suisse as an equity analyst.  Lindsay is in Stamford and just returned to work at UBS after having her 1st baby May 1.  She is a spot-trader in foreign exchange.  After 26 years in this house we have finally got it where we want it.  Have really enjoyed the last 5 years renovating it after retiring from the automobile business.  We also enjoy boating on the Sound, beaches anywhere, and I am looking forward to seeing old friends at the reunion.  Send Rob a MessageSend Rob a Message
Joan Brakeley
Profile picture
Profile picture
art and consulting Divorced
Enjoying hearing from people after 40 years, and thanks to everyone who has emailed me. It has been fun. No kids, too busy being one myself. Now I am too old to grow up. 

Wrote the above for the 40th, haven't much to add, still making my art and trying California for a while,  thinking of coming back east.
Have an obligation and am I am not able to attend, hope everyone has a blast.
Jay Condon
Profile picture
Profile picture
Builder Married 2
Our lives changed last year with the birth of two granddaughters. We are enjoying our new roles and see the kids often. My business has moved into developing commercial projects in South Norwalk and running a marina. Retirement is starting to enter my thoughts.
Hope to see you at the reunion!
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Jan Pozdena
Profile picture
consultant/writer Widowed 2
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Dick Myrick
Engineering Manager Married 2
What a fine idea to get everybody back together again!   Married 27 years, have two kids both graduated from college.  Our older child is finishing the first year of Law School in the Chicago area, the younger  graduated 2 years ago and is working in San Francisco.   Still live outside Boston, but travel some, certainly to Chicago and San Francisco whenever possible. Send Dick a MessageSend Dick a Message
Catherine Savoca
Profile picture
Profile picture
musician/music teacher Single
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