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Nancy Knowlton
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scientist Married 1
A quick update: Over the years, I have lived in CA, England, New Haven, Panama, Switzerland, CA again and now Washington DC. I am lucky to be paid for what I love doing, which is studying the ocean.  I wrote a popular book entitled Citizens of the Sea which was a lot of fun and still selling after two years.  My daughter is 26, my husband of almost 30 years is a scientist too, and thanks to his son I am a step-grandmother.  Recently we bought a house on the coast of Maine and as a result I am finally tempted to "retire".  Can it really be 45 years??
PS - Just did my first live TV interview with Gwen Ifill on National Public Television  -  scary but fun.
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Jerry Holway
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filmmaker Married
Very sorry I won't make the 45th... I have a Steadicam workshop to teach (lead instructior) all the prior week until late Friday night. But hats off to all that are going.
I'm still busy with inventing and designing for the Steadicam, and the 2nd edition of my book came out today (October 3rd). I've been teaching Steadicam operating all over the world - last year in Kuala Lampur and Sweden as well as the USA, and next year in New Zealand, Denmark, and possibly China and Brazil.
I finally bought a sailboat last summer, so I now have a hobby that floats (more or less) on the Sassafrass River in Maryland.
Photo is a frame of film shot by Margaret Mead in 1953. I'm still climbing around. 
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Bonnie Demarest (Beyerl)
Widowed 2
Living in Columbia, SC for the past l0 years.  Children, aged 20 and 22.  Before Columbia, lived in Wilton, CT for 7 years and before that St. Louis area for 9, all corporate moves with my late husband's job.  Looking forward to September 15.... Send Bonnie a MessageSend Bonnie a Message
Mark Koellmer
Real Estate Broker Married
curtis Myrtle (watkins)
Executive Coach Committed Relationship 1
Phew 40 years is a long time. I graduated from Emory University and worked for TWA for a couple of years. Then I tried my hand at acting for about 10 years. Bumping into Garry Brown at auditions every so often. Saw the writing on the wall after a decade and packed it in. Got married had my son Andrew. He is now 26 and working for US Bank in Denver , no grand kids yet. Got divorced. Oh yes, spent a year in Europe in '78. Had more careers than grains of sand at Weed Beach.  Now I am living with my wonderful Cheryl in Carmel NY. Not too far from Darien. We celebrate 10 years together this April.  Did everyone have a crush on Robyn Risque or just me and Garry?  Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing how all of us turned out. From Hindley, to Tokeneke, Mather and DHS.  Great time and place to grow up. Send curtis a MessageSend curtis a Message
Richard (Rick) Senftleben
Attorney Married
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Katrinka/Katy Green (Quirk)
Profile picture
Profile picture
RETIRED-Adult Education, family caretaker, designer, Red Sox fan Married 1
Well, HELLO! Pat assures me that, even though I did not graduate with you, I would still be permitted to join you all in a stroll down memory lane. After all, I did go to Baker School, then Tokeneke and finally to Mather thru the 8th grade, before moving to Florida. I found this website totally by accident and could not get over how many names (and FACES!) were familiar to me. I don't know if any of you remember me at all, but I have many vivid memories of my time in Darien. I am planning to attend the Reunion in September----but in the meantime, I have one burning question. Peter Brooks, does your face still turn beet red when you see an egg salad sandwich? Send Katrinka/Katy a MessageSend Katrinka/Katy a Message
Jane Magnant (Morrow)
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Divorced 2
Can't believe it's been 40 years!  I'm still single but have had a "significant other" for over 5 years.  Absolutely loving life to it's fullist.  My son J.J. is still in Chicago with his wife and two girls, Mati 11 and Tobi 8 and they also have a vacation home on the water in Miami's fabulous.  I did some high impact lounge-chairing on the beach this winter.  Son Scott is in Andover, Ma just a few miles from me with his wife and son Jack, 5 and daughter Kate, 3.  I see them all the time and get to babysit often.  I wish my golf game wasn't going down the tube but other than that there are no complaints!!!  See you all in Oct 2012.  Have a great summer and behave!!!!!!
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Jamie Myrick (Lloyd)
adminstrative assistant Married 2
All is well in California.  My husband and incorporated out business last year and I am doing much more of the secretarial work than before. 

We have a son and daughter who are doing well.  No grandkids but have 6 granddogs and 1 of our own. 
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Robert Hughes
Profile picture
Profile picture
Mechanical Engineer Married 2
What I've been up to for the past forty years!!!...after a 13 year "on again/off again" courtship that started at DHS, Cindi Birchfield (DHS Class of 1968) and I married in 1978.  We settled in Woodbury, CT where we still live today.  We have two children-Laura-age 24 -is a nursery/preschool teacher; Matthew - age 20 - is a photographer.  My high school part time after school job as a draftsman for an engineering company has turned into my vocation.  For the past 42 years, I have been in the mechanical engineering field.  At present I am an Associate with Thornton Tomasetti, Inc., a large engineering firm based in NYC; I work out of the New Haven office.  My family still has our cottage on a lake in Maine where we spend as much time as possible each has been good! Send Robert a MessageSend Robert a Message
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