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Sharon Duffield
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Caregiver Divorced 2
I have been living in Falmouth, ME for 8 years now after 40 years in Denver, CO.  I loved Colorado and all it has to offer, but the East had been on my mind for a long time.  So I packed up and traveled back to my roots.  Maine is my "art and soul".  A great fit for me.  I have a great life here, wonderful neighborhood, and new friends...will never forget all the wonderful people that have crossed my path all these years.  I enjoy the arts in many genres and enjoy creating.  My children are, son, 36, and a daughter, 33  They are my rock. I have two beautiful grandchilren. I am over the moon! I have enjoyed staying in contact with Chuck Conti, Mark Vosburgh, Tom Galaba, Bill Morrison and Kathy Schumaecker.  Friends for life.  It has been great keeping in contact with Darien friends through Facebook.  A great way to keep up and feel connected.  Can't wait for the 50th class reunion. Send Sharon a MessageSend Sharon a Message
Lina Morielli
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artist Married 1
I've been in Stamford, CT with my family for almost 30 years! The 20 years before that were in NYC working for magazines as an editor and designer. I stopped doing editorial work in 2000 and now I spend my time as an arts activist, mixed media artist with a studio in Stamford and also curate 6 exhibits annually at the Mayor's Gallery among other things! Visit my website and please feel free to drop me an email.......Can't wait to see everyone.
Newly West (Preziosi)
Dealer in vintage postcards Married 2
Our 50th reunion finds me firmly rooted in Mendham, New Jersey, still working selling old postcards with my husband Don. We do most of our selling online and so are able to close the "store" and travel several times a year. Our children Nick and Susanna are both launched in their lives and live not too far away. We continue to be involved with our churches (Don as a Unitarian Universalist, me an Episcopalian). In 2012 I joined the board of PeaceWorks, a New Jersey solidarity/aid organization with a focus on Nicaragua and Central America.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our reunion!
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Pat Lillis
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Graphic Designer Married

Hello everyone! Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hope we can all make it to the 50th Reunion.
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Ellen Lindgren
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mostly retired RN Divorced 3
Mostly retired RN, worked in NICU, most recently Student Health at UW in Madison. Just finished up my 21st year on the local public school board in a growing, very respected school district, involved in statewide public education advocacy. I've had a tiny trailer for 2 years now and have done thousands of miles and many national, provincial, and state parks. Love traveling with my adult children, all over the world. Active in progressive politics. Send Ellen a MessageSend Ellen a Message
Louise Dennett (Phelps)
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Newspaper Publisher and Media Consultant Divorced 3
Hi all, 
As they years go by, it's wonderful to keep in touch with dear friends and remember happy times.  The pictures of all are fabulous. Always a wonderful trip down memory lane. Listening to the music on the website always make me miss my Darien high school friend Bob Baldwin, who also went to Purdue as I did.  I can vividly remember Bob doing an amazing 'air guitar' to 'Tommy' album!  I've lost touch with him over the years, and if annyone know how to reach him I'd love the contact info. 
Still living in Savannah, GA. ... when I'm not on the road as a media consultant.  My youngest graduates from Med School in May 2015, so I am VERY close to the promsied land. 
Life in the South continues to be good...and warm! Also friendly and "civil" -- the Southern way of life of my wonderful Mom, who had a great deal of influence on me. Miss her everyday. 
My children have been a big focus of my life. Son Rob, 38, attended Exeter and Harvard and is now with McKinsey, the worldwide consulting firm. Beth, 35, went to Univ. of Penn. and now lives in Aspec, CO, in Development for the Rocky Mountain School married to a wonderful guy, an architect out there, and they have a 1 yr old they named River.   My youngest, Carolyn, is 28, and will start her residency at UCLA.Harbor in Los Angeles in June. They are all wonderful people; have been very, very lucky.
After college, I spent a year as a airline stewardess with United Airlines -- walking across the country in the air being a waitress and thought better of THAT -- and then went into business and was heavily involved in young Republican politics, as well as banking.  After ERA and post-Nam, I came to my senses, and became a Democrat and eventually got into the news business. 
While reporting and editing is my love, I kept ending up on the management/money side of the biz...bringing in the revenue to buy all that quality journalism!  And, eventually founded a media consulting company, now in my 25th year.  Website is should you be interested in buying your county paper. :-)
Sold off my community news company in Boston suburbs before moving South, and did a stint with the Dukakis presidential campaign in 1988 on the North Carolina leadership team  -- Susan "Estrogen" Estrich and all (my unsweet nickname for the campaign manager.) The first year of the campaign under John Sasso was amazing, wasn't it?  He came out of the convention 27 points ahead of Bush, and then it all went down-the-hill. Was a great learning experience.
Moved to Savannah in 1995 to a more religious-based environment for my children, and launched current company in 1998.  Married more than once over the past 40 years. Ah...hindsight. A very  l-o-n-g story!  
But have had wonderful personal and business life... and still working way too many hours a week.  
Everyone's bios are so interesting to read, but that's not at all surprising, as ya'll were all an amazing group of people.  It was the Fairfield County version of the Brat-Pack!  And, I have so many great memories.  Love to hear from anyone. 
Best regards, 
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Ted McClure
Librarian Married
Let's see. I wandered off to Carnegie Mellon University, where I changed my major five times. BA, Army commission, and married in '71, MSIA (=MBA) '72. Active duty with the Army (Intelligence) in Germany and North Carolina. Spouse was accepted to law school in '79 but the Army wanted to send me back to Europe, so I bailed. Couldn't find a job, so I went to law school with her; JD '82, Campbell University. Still couldn't find a job, so we practiced in Durham and Raleigh, NC, as McClure & McClure until 1990. I was a member of the North Carolina Army National Guard beginning in law school (it was a good part-time job), and in 1990 returned to active duty teaching ROTC at NC State. Watched the Guard unit I had been with for nine of the previous eleven years go off to the first Gulf War while I spent the war in Raleigh. In '92 I moved to the Pentagon as a speechwriter in National Guard Bureau, then as the National Guard Advisor to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence. Retired in '98 and practiced law in Virginia and DC. The front of the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11 ended up in my last office there. Weird. Finally, I realized that what I enjoyed most about the intelligence and law businesses was connecting people with the information they needed, so I went to library school at night and got my MSLS from Catholic University in 2002. A week after graduating we moved to Albuquerque, NM, and then two years later to Phoenix, where I was an academic law librarian. Gradually separated from spouse (my fault, not hers). In 2013 I moved to Grand Canyon National Park as the librarian in the staff research library. It's a job I would do as a hobby, and it's at Grand Canyon. And they pay me rather than the other way around!

I do wish I had known I was autistic a bit earlier than age 60. It explains a lot.
Elizabeth North (Wikfors)
Farmer, retired Environmental Analyst Married
Guess the wave of nostalgia caught me a few weeks too late - - Sorry I missed the 40th, but glad I found this site.  Missed the 45th too!  Still farming... Send Elizabeth a MessageSend Elizabeth a Message
Frank Valenti
Director CCDSS Single 2
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Ellen Richter (Beerworth)
Lawyer Married 3

Hello classmates

I was surprised recently to receive an email out of the blue from Pat Lillis.  She had received a tip-off from a cyber-stalker and had my email address!

For those who are interested:  after high school I pursued two degrees in art history, and spent a year studying in the UK and travelling in Europe towards that end, specializing in Italian Renaissance sculpture.  Art history was going to be my career.

Then apparently I got side-tracked.  I married an Australian who had worked as an attorney in NY, and we moved to Australia (at that time I still thought Sydney was on the west coast of Australia).  Good grief.  It was a shock to find that Sydney was on the east coast and that there were no kangaroos in the streets. 

Since I come from a family of many lawyers it was the logical thing to do law, which I did, and I can report that I was the first American woman to get admitted to practice law in Australia.  That required me to lobby to change the law, but it happened and now Americans can practice law here.

Somewhere along the line I obviously believed that with having 3 sons under five years old it would be a good idea to do a PhD in law, which, in my perpetually deluded state, I did accomplish by working full time, and writing and researching full time.  I am sure that my sons’ nannies who witnessed this are still shaking their heads in disbelief.  It was pandemonium but a good career move. 

I am still working as a lawyer in private practice, and probably won’t give it up.  My husband and I are still living in Sydney, Australia, and fortunately, the boys have all left home, are married (or virtually so) and have produced 3 grandchildren so far.   No doubt more are on the way, but that is not my problem! 

It was great to hear from Pat, and I wish you all the very best. 

Kind regards
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