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Pam Dance
Clinical Social Worker/Addictions Single 1
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Mark Duffield
Profile picture
Profile picture

Occupation: Executive Producer- Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds radio
Status: Unmarried

Upon leaving high school, I attended Monmouth College, Monmouth, Ill.  With me at Monmouth, were Mark Vosburgh, Vic Benzyk and Mike O'Neill.  After graduation, I lived on Nantucket Island and was a commercial fisherman for 13 years.  After leaving Nantucket, I became a long-liner in the Gulf of Mexico, fishing for grouper and red snapper.  A rogue storm/perfect storm destoyed our boat and almost our crew and my fishing days were over.  Some time during those years I was able to travel and see the world, living with a Masai Tribe in Kenya, crossing the Sahara Desert in a trruck and traveling 3,000 miles down the Amazon River.  At this point, I came to Boston, where I became director of business development at WGBH public TV and radio, a position I held for 15 years.  I then became director of corporate relations at the New England Conservatory of Music.  Most recently, I was the co-owner of a small gift store,  Blackstone's of Beacon Hill in Boston, MA.  During this period, I wrote and collaborated with my sister Sharon on two books.  The first book, "The Last Shepard and Tales of theTenth Ornament" was published and to follow was "AS I RECALL-Fireflies in the Night". The "Last Shepard" has been under consideration as a movie.  Keep your fingers crossed! Currently, as I have for the past 11 years, been the executive producer of Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds.  You can listen to the show at Talkin'  In celebration of the National Park Service Centennial, we will be performing live broadcasts from Acadia, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.
I am happy to say that I am still in contact with my pals from high school, Mark Vosburgh, Chuck Conti, Tom Galaba and Bill Morrison.  We keep in touch on a regular basis and so therefore looking forward to joining them and other old friends at the 50th reunion.  See you there.  Duff
Rosemary Clarke (Arline)
Retired Married 2
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Patricia Street
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Admin Assistant Greenwich PD Married 1
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Susan Isaacson (Greene)
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United Methodist Pastor Divorced 2
It's been a long road from Darien to Kansas but I'm where I need to be after all these years. After being married for 23 years and living in Wichita, KS, I divorced and returned to seminary to prepare for full time ministry in the United Methodist Church. I'm now pastoring a church in the Wichita area.. My twin daughters are in Dallas and Florida and I now have two grandchildren in Dallas.. Life is good! All in all, what a beautiful time and place growing up in Darien was-
Steve Ludwig
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Service Technician Married 2
Living in East Haven Ct with my wife Joanne. Two adult children from a previous marraige. Jennifer Schnitzer school teacher. Mother of my two of my grand children. Steve Jr Engineer for Lutron Electronics. Also a Father of my second grand son.

I'm working for Heidelberg USA a printing press manufacturer. 28 years. I have been in printing since the board of ed office in my senior year. Printed for the Army in Vietnam in 69/70
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Cathy Crane (Rainey)
Profile picture
Retired Divorced 2
G'Day from Australia - I've lived here for 36 years now, although get back to the States yearly with music teaching! Money job is managing an outdoor/travel shop, to support the hobby which is teaching and coaching ladies barbershop singing! My daughters are involved in Australian Aid to Asian countries and travel!
UPDATE - moved out of Perth and down to a place called Albany - sort of like a coastal New Hampshire! Loving the cockies, the roos and playing the jazz bass!!
Sorry - might not make it back for the 50th reunion - bummer.
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Bill Morrison
Retired Widowed 4
Retired from Ford Motor Company in Jan 2009.  Pretty much try to follow the heat between Florida and Cape Cod.  Still trying to get the golf game under control but it looks hopeless.  Have two grand kids since the last reunion, Jack, age 4, and Lily born this last January.  Having fun just trying to keep up with Jack when he visits!  All four kids (Sean, Mattt, Patrick and Liz) are doing fine although spread out between Chicago, Michigan and England.  Oldest Sean turns 40 this year.  How the hell did that happen?!  Having a great time still seeing some classmates every year.  Hopefully, will be successful in getting Chuck Conti on the golf course soon.  (He promised!)  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 45th! Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Jon Goodale
Profile picture
Then Married 2
Judy and I just moved to Plano, Texas to be nearer to our children and grandchildren. So far it has been great. I still spend plenty of time in Houston and that will continue. Our oldest grandchild is almost the age that I met Judy - scarry!

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Bill Strasser
Profile picture
Retired teacher Married 2
I saw so many bios I had to add something.  After high school there were two years of college then four years of the navy.  After that I became a professional student.  I married while in the navy in '72  and managed to live in California, Colorado and Indiana.  I have twin boys who both graduated from Valparaiso University in Indiana.  We have been in Valparaiso for the past 20+ years.  I am a high school Special education teacher and Sandy is a professor in the Business school at Valparaiso University. I'm retired now. 
Now living in florida since 2014

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