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Cia Henderson (Marion)
Retired Married 2
Hoping to see a lot of you on Friday night at the Doubletree.
Sarah Campbell
retired highway engineer Married 1
I am coming back for our 50th, my first reunion EVER!  It will be great to see all of you again.  I would love to hear from you in the meantime.

I am still retired from the Alaska DOT Construction Section and dividing time between Alaska and Washington State (we call WA "our Arizona").   I am quite content spending winters in a rural county in a gorgeous state between two fantastic cities, Seattle and Vancouver, BC.  I wish I could talk my husband into leaving AK, but he is too much a part of life in the far north.

The big draw in WA is our son, daughter-in-law and three granddaughters (ages 9, 5, 3) who live about two hours away.  Our son attempted to start a recreational marijuana grow operation when it was legalized in WA, but experienced all the pitfalls of starting a marginally legal, small business on a shoestring budget.  He is now back to cooking (and a regular income!).

I have been doing volunteer environmental work since retiring.  It seems the scene is really heating up recently!  Another consuming  task is to keep my aging body going and my mind sharp.  Are any of you facing these challenges, too?

See you in August!

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Bill Delaney
structural engineer Married 2
Greetings everyone. 

After DHS I headed off to DePauw University in Indiana to major in Political Science.  Too much living and not enough studying resulted in a short 2 years at DePauw.  Another 2 years majoring in Sociology at Franklin College in Indiana ended abruptly as I decided I was going to get drafted, so might as well head off to Colorado and work as a carpenter/ski bum.  Never got drafted and my carpentry days lasted 7 years and included Eisenhower Tunnel. Eventually I realized that there weren’t any old carpenters around and headed back to school for a civil engineering degree from Univ. Colorado @ Denver.

In 1978 I hired on with the National Park Service as a structural engineer for the western parks, working out of Denver.  I lived in Empire CO for 23 years, where I was also the mayor.

In 1993 I transferred to Yosemite NP and headed the design and construction program, up to my retirement in 2009.  

My wife Kathy and I live in Mariposa, CA., just outside of Yosemite. We have two children living in SF and Oakland, one grandchild and more on the way.  We are lucky to be active with lots of skiing, hiking and friends. Life is good!
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Howie Thompson
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Teacher/CEO/Rec Director Committed Relationship 3

So much has happened since the 45th reunion.  Got married, got divorced.  Wrote two Iconic Books about South Carolina History, lost my right leg below my knee, walked two 5k races, and a third coming in May.  Checked off one of my bucket list items as I got to throw out the first pitch at our Double A, Chicago Cubs affiliate, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.  Working on my third, and last Iconic Book about yet another piece of North Myrtle Beach History.
I think we, my significant other, Joyce and I will try to be coming in sometime Thursday night.  I hope to see my kids sometime Friday afternoon, and attend the festivities on Friday night. I felt it fitting to use the pic of me kicking an extra point as "then" and me throwing out the first pitch last year as "now"
After two years off, I am back to coaching Soccer.  I am helping out our local YMCA and coaching a U-10 Girls team.  Seems like that is where I started 37 years ago.  I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and hope we get a great turn out.  Bob Radocy and I used to go sledding down the hills at Weeburn when we couldn't get on Woodway.   Been communicating with Duff now and again and still don't know where Vos is, other than he is somewhere here in SC.  Love it here, the sun, the beach, the entertainment, it is quite the place to live.

See you all soon,
Howie (No more toe, but still "THE TOE")
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Lynnie Lynch (Mathias)
small business Married 2
I am still living in upstate NY, married to Wils for 46 years and have two boys And two great daughter in laws and two grandsons nearby.  I retired last year and Wils is almost retired.   We still do a lot of kayaking, biking and hiking, since we are so near the Adirondacks.  Unfortunately,   I am coming to the reunion, but only for Saturday at Wee Burn and Sunday breakfast.  It will be fun to see you all.  Send Lynnie a MessageSend Lynnie a Message
Linda SM Procaccini (dos Santos)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Married 2

       I am afraid that my concentration on the 40th and 45th reunions focused on my family.

      During the 40th reunion, I kept rushing back and forth to Stamford Hospital, where my Pop lay with terminal cancer. Costanzo "Chris" Procaccini died a few weeks later.

    Just prior to the 45th reunion, our eldest daughter, Angel, was diagnosed with cancer. I arrived at the 45th reunion in total exhaustion, from caring for Angel and her two children several days per week. Angel has been in remission now for several years.

      Among Angel's many interests are organizing corporate inspirational gatherings, outdoor activities for Boston youth, working for AMC, and participating in major cancer fundraising events.

 I am very, very happy to be a part of the 50th Darien Reunion, where I will be able to have full concentration paid to my classmates, memories, and showing off photos of our 3 healthy and happy grandchildren.


      During the summer, I had the pleasure of watching our youngest granddaughter, Mia Grace, 2 1/2 hours/week, while our youngest daughter Jennyann finished a course. Jennyann is a full time teacher, and Mia Grace is now 1 years old.


     Angelo and I care for grandsons at least once per week, while school is in session..  There is hardly a moment to think of our own needs. Nate is nine, and Ryan is seven. Ryan walks like Popeye, tries to get away with everything, and "NO" is not in his vocabulary. Nate is an avid reader, loves skiing, and enjoys technology.


    Brad,Angel's husbad, still travels to INTEL factories- Oregon, Texas, England, and conference calls with Israel-due to his INTEL inventions.


    Michael, Jennyann's husband, has just finished his Masters degree and works with stocks.


     Angelo and I are globe trotters, always ready to travel. We are retired. We keep ourselves busy. Angelo works 1 to 3 days/week (when in Connecticut) as a Judicial Consultant. He loves performing weddings.  I am the Program Director for the Eastford Senior Citizens. I write a column  for the local newspaper, freelance in another, and have my photographs published in a third.


     My husband and I will be married 47 years, the  week before the 50th Darien Reunion.


    We hope to see you there.


Best wishes to all.

Linda SM (Procaccini) dos Santos

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Peter Brooks
Profile picture
Profile picture
Finacial Advisor, ChristmasTree Farmer Divorced 3
Since growing up with so many of you, then leaving after 8th grade at Mather for boarding school, I really appreciate being invited to participate here.
The story of your life in a few words. Tough assignment, but here’s a shot:
THEN: Graduated from Kent; went to Stanford, where I rowed on the crew, studied in Germany, and stayed out of the war. Got sick of academia. Decided living real life was better than studying what everybody else said & did. Left Stanford after a couple of years, played guitar, pumped gas on the CT Turnpike, worked on farms in VT and ferry boats on Lake Champlain. Became a teaching naturalist with Audubon, got talked into going back to school. The English major got a BS at Cornell in natural resources in two years because he didn’t like being in school. Then educational nature center design & programs launch, in Englewood NJ; got talked into going back to school. Regional planning & landscape architecture at University of Pennsylvania; was throwing in law and business too – but that would require staying in school longer, so did the MS in two years & got out. Then forest resource planning for NY State in Albany. Loved the subject matter, hated the bureaucracy. After five years, it was either a PhD in resource economics or the stock market. The real world won out again. Went to work for Merrill Lynch in Albany and never looked back. That was 33 years ago. Now my oldest son is taking over, and I’m only doing a modest workweek there.
NOW: Starting a Christmas Tree farm just south of Saratoga Springs NY and love it. Dug ponds, built stone walls, rebuilt a 200-year-old timber frame barn, plant about 500 more trees every year. Going to build the (replacement) farmhouse this year. Keeps me in shape and out of the bars. Still writing poetry; maybe will try to get published if I can find the time. A couple of years ago, stumbled on the fact that Jim Towne and I have lived within 10 - 15 miles of each other since 1978, and neither knew it. (Told him it’s because I stay out of court!) So we go sailing together. What a gift to recover a fragment of your past - which I hope to do more of at our 50th DHS reunion!
Was married for 25 years; have been divorced for 19. Have three great kids who all moved away to explore the world, and have all recently moved back here. Married with children, so the way I look at it, I’ve got 6 kids, 5 grandchildren, with another on the way. Best part – they all like working at the farm. My simple plan is to live to 100 - with all systems functioning!
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Richard Adams
Profile picture
Supervisor, Aircraft Maintenance (retired) Widowed 1

After working for Northwest Airlines for 33 years, I retired in Aug 2005.  Liz (Horton) & I relocated to Florida in 2003 (after 32 years in Atlanta) and settled in Indian Harbour Beach in 2005.  Liz & I will be celebrating 35 years of marriage on Sept 9th.  Liz is now working part time as a home health gets her out and she has familiarized herself with the Melbourne area & met some very nice people..  Our son, Ben is a System Engineer with A1O Networks in Atlanta.  He remarried in July of this year and now Liz & I are step-grandparents of two beautiful girls, Ashley 7 and Kate 5.  With my free time and the great weather in Florida, I've taken up bicycling and I'm riding up to 200 miles a week.  Do I miss the airlines?...Yes, but not enough to go back to work.  It's nice not wearing a watch and not wondering if your next flight will make schedule.

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Leslie Corkran (Orloff)
Artist Married 1
High School memories will be fun to rediscover.  I lost my 1967 year book in a Hurricane many years ago, so I hope someone will have a copy at the reunion.  My first love was art and now I can spend time painting, drawing and enjoying the outdoors.  Opportunities to see the world and live in England are amongst my many adventures.  Many years of hard work traveling for business in a Fortune 500 Health Care Coporation in Risk Management and HR.  My first love was art, so I am now able to draw, paint and enjoy the outdoors.  My daughter, Heather and her husband keep me busy babysitter for my granddaughter, Elizabeth age 8.  My will be retired from the FAA, Safety Inspection Officer by August 19, 2017.   I can't wait to see and talk with everyone.  
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Peter Jones
Profile picture
Profile picture
Potter/Cave Photographer Married 1
Life is still much the same as it has been for me over many years, only better.  Still a potter with many awards for my work, still a cave photographer with a print in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History as part of the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service.  Retirement?  Why should I give up doing exactly what I love to do for a living?  Will I move to Florida and take up golf?  I hate golf and don't particularly care for Florida (except when I exhibit at some of the best fine art shows in the country down there during the month of February) so I don't think so.  The only thing is that when I wake up in the morning and look at the vanity cabinet, there's this face that looks back at me and mimics everything I do.  It looks vaguely familiar to me, only older.  My brain says I'm around 35, but that face that looks back at me doesn't look like I think of myself.  Does anyone else have that problem?

I come back to Darien nearly every year for a brief, one hour trip down memory lane while doing a fine craft show at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich.  Some things never change, others change dramatically.  Half the homes on the road I grew up on have been torn down and replaced with huge mansions (not McMansions but the real thing...).  Jem Lee Laundry and The Sugar Bowl are still there and haven't changed much, other things have morphed into places I don't recognize.  We were all lucky to be raised in a location that put a high value on education.  I wouldn't want to live there now, but I do have some good memories of that time.  Much happier for having lived in Colorado for six years and Maine for forty four years.  Others I know who have lived in Maine (John Okie, Creighton Drury, Sharon Duffield and probably others I don't know about) all agree that it is a GREAT place to live.

I plan on coming to the 50th Reunion and my wife even said she'd like to come to it as well.  What a hoot that will be.  Hope to see some old friends there.  My thanks and gratitude to Sharon for putting on this event for us all.
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