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Ellen Warren (Deverill)
medicare appeals coordinator Widowed 2
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peter raarup
landscape architect Single
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Dana Lindsley
Profile picture
Executive/Writer Married 3
Janet (Holmberg, Darien class of 68) and I have returned to Connecticut (Madison) after years in NY, PA and WI. My major interest now is writing ... having done a number of short stories am now on that long delayed novel.  I am serving part-time as executive presbyter for the Presbytery of Southern New England covering CT, MA, and RI. Can't believe I am closing in on retirement!  Our 3 children live in PA, MN, and Palestinel. Send Dana a MessageSend Dana a Message
Michael Johnson
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Artist/ Painter Married 2
Time flies. It seems like we just met up a short while ago and at the same time I'm fully aware that it's actually been almost five years. In the photo are Eva, fourteen, soon to be a ninth grader at Hunter College High School, NYC and Leila, eleven, will be a seventh grader in the fall. Great kids! Also pictured, my dear wife Francie who still works as a reading specialist/administrator at PSIS 187 here in Washington Heights, NYC, my four year old pup Jax, a rescue from a shelter in Little Rock Arkansas, and me, with my beat up Yankee cap..  
This past year was an incredible one in that I was able to assemble and hang a show of 43 of my paintings selected from works from 1980 through 2011. The show ran four five months in the gallery space of a bank here in Washington Heights. Because the show was local, it gave me a chance to reveal to many friends and neighbors exactly what I do. A bunch of sales came out of it as well. I always think fondly of our art teachers, Mr Levine at Middlesex and Mr Matt Stampalia at DHS, who spurred me on back in my school days. 
My Mom is 93 and living at Atria, Darien. She's had her ups and downs but continues to be an inspiration. 
Best Wishes to Everyone,
Can't wait to see you at the reunion.
All the Best,
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Marsha Powers
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Business Financial Advisor/Commercial Lending Broker Single
Looking forward to re-connecting with everyone after so many years. Best regards to you and your family. Send Marsha a MessageSend Marsha a Message
Brewster (Bill) Fine
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President, artnet Worldwide Married 2
Middlesex Jr. High was as far as I got before I shipped off to prep school, but I'd like to catch up with my old buddies from that era. Send Brewster (Bill) a MessageSend Brewster (Bill) a Message
Nancy Lamm
Painter Single 2

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Beverly Madden (Madden-Bishop)
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Profile picture
Art Gallery Manager Married 2

After BU I spent a total of 20 years in Boston before moving to St. Paul where my husband is from. I worked for 12 years as a midwest retail coordinator for Jones New York, but tired of the traveling (although all the free clothes were great!). The last three years I have managed the largest art gallery in the twin cities and am thoroughly enjoying it. My son works for a TV station in Boston. My daughter lives in St. Paul and gave birth to a little boy a year ago today so we are having a ball as first time grandparents. Have been in touch with Nancy Knowlton, Bev Schreiner and Robin Risque over the years and can't wait to see everybody else at the reunion!
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Steve Thomas
Builder/Retired Divorced 2
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Barbara Haymes (Brien)
Profile picture
social worker/ psychotherapist Married
I am still in Connecticut, living just outside of Hartford. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. With the exception of two people I saw sometime in the '80's I don't think I have seen anyone from Darien High School since around 1971 or so. I pulled out some old elementary school pictures from Hindley School just now and remembered most of the names. What a long time ago that was. Unfortunately I lost my high school yearbook somewhere along the way. Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
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