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Rick Nepola
Business Development Manager Single
It's very interesting to be brought up to date on what everyone is doing. I look forward to some good conversations when we all meet at the reunion. Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
John Kolb
Director of Technology Services (just retired) Married 3
Hello, everyone. After high school I went to Boston College and then did graduate work at the Univ. of Maryland where I met my wife Karen. After school we moved to New Jersey and worked for 5 years in New York City where I recall running into Larry Magnant in the subway! After our first daughter (3 daughters in all) was born we decided to move closer to the grandparents which were either back in Washington DC or in the Chicago area. The Chicago offer came through first and I've been here in Illinois outside of Chicago for the last 28 years. My job gave me the opporuntiy to travel throughout the US as well as Asia and Europe and on a couple of my trips back East I took a spin by DHS for old-times sake. I just recently retired and I'm looking forward to connecting with people again at the reunion. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Dave Kenney
Profile picture
Profile picture
Tennis Pro/ Builder Married
Not sure about Sat because of a wedding commitment but I will be in the area soooo... you never know. I really would like to see everyone. I'm planning on Being in town Fri and Sat AM and it's killing me I'm going to miss dancing with all those great looking women from the sexiest class ever to graduate from Darien High. Then is now. Send Dave a MessageSend Dave a Message
John Maher
Filmmaker Married 2
Wow... This will be interesting I am living in Redding, Connecticut with my wife Mimi and my 13yr old daughter Catherine, my older daughter Kerry is in her second year of collage... More Later Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Myles [Butch] Savery
Real Estate Sales/Developer Married 4
I have been living in Jupiter, Florida since 1990. My oldest son Chris will graduate from the University of Florida this spring. My daughter Jennifer is a junior the University of South Florida. My two youngest sons are 5 and 3 so retirement is not an option. I do plan to attend the reunion and look forward to seeing a lot of old friends after many years Send Myles [Butch] a MessageSend Myles [Butch] a Message
James McCloy
Real Estate Investment/Development Married 2
Send James a MessageSend James a Message
David Sutcliffe
Send David a MessageSend David a Message
christopher kit torrence
Profile picture
scientist Single Again
I always love to party, Isn't life fun. Send christopher kit a MessageSend christopher kit a Message
Bill Lord
Insurance sales Married 2
I look forward to seeing all you people who are in their late fifties but act like they are in their early thirties. Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
John Durland
Clinical Psychologist Married 3
Mike Johnson called out of the blue last night. How sweet that was. And how sweet it would be to gather with friends from my Darien roots come September. Our nest is emptying. Logan, 23, is in San Francisco, working in a biology lab at UCSF by day and jazz drumming by night. Spencer, 21, is a junior at Trinity, currently soaking up Italian culture on his semester abroad. Taylor, 15, is into business, volleyball, and tolerating his square parents until he, too, flies the coop. Brooke continues as Medical Director at Rochester Institute of Technology, where she's struggling with a job that is too big for any one person as well as the recent death of her father. I continue to find daily challenges in my psychotherapy work, which for the most part I love doing. I am still able to run and, the past few years, have rediscovered the joys of biking. I'm also on a mini quest to find my voice. Leaving butchered songs on Garry Brown's answering machine has been fun. So, softball at Hindley? Send John a MessageSend John a Message
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