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Rolene (Bumpsie) Glenn (Ramsey)
Guidance Counselor Married 2

I was hoping to get to the reunion - but that is impossible.  My husband (of 36 years) and I live in a small town in Virginia, about an hour north of Raleigh/Durham area.  I have been at the local high school as a guidance counselor for a number of years.  Jerry and I have two daughters - one got married this past summer and is living north of Wilmington,NC -  the other is in grad school at the University of Michigan. 

I am sure everyone will have a wonderful time at the reunion!!!  I hope someone takes notes and shares the information with those of us who can't attend.  

Have a great time!!! 

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Carolyn Starr
Attorney Single
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Linda Crane (Wallace)
floral designer Married 3
I knew that first day when I put on the brown ribbed socks,leather tie shoes and the dorky wool uniform that this was not what I had in mind for high school.I did survive three years at Greenwich Academy even though they called me "the new girl" for two years.You can't imagine how excited I am to be included in the DHS 40th reunion! For the last 32 years I have been living in Marblehead,Ma.,married and the mother of three boys.Ben,30,is married,living in Atlanta,Ga.He is in the Secret Service.Andrew,.27,just got out of the Army where he was a Ranger in the Special Forces and Jamie,21,is still in college at Colby. My parents and two brothers still live in Darien so I am a frequent visitor. I am looking forward to September and reconnecting with old friends.Many thanks for including me! Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Robert McCowie
General Mgr @ BJs Wholesale Club Married
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Patricia Colligan (Colligan-Levine)
Hospital manager Married 2
Traveled the country, then settled in New York City where I met my husband and received my MSW from NYU. We moved to the suburbs in early '90's where we remain. My husband, Seth, is a telecommunications consultant. Have two great kids--Erica is a resident of Boston after graduating from Tufts University and Josh is nearing completion of college at Kent State. Seth and I plan to attend on 9/15 and can't wait to see you all!!! Send Patricia a MessageSend Patricia a Message
Ann Dedman (Dedman Neal)
Chef/Caterer Married 1
It is so much fun reading what everyone is doing and where everyone is living. For myself, I live with my husband of 20 years, Michael, and my 17 year old son, William, in the West Village here in New York City. My husband is an architect and my son is a junior in high school (which means there is no retirement in our future). I have been in the food business for almost thirty years during which I cooked in restaurants (including Windows On The World), was a private chef for Leonard Bernstein, and a corporate chef for BMG/Random House. After 9/11 when BMG downsized I became a full time caterer working out of my kitchen here on Perry Street. It is a great profession except I live on the fourth floor of a walk-up brownstone. If having a kid doesn't keep me young, then truly the stairs will. I look forward to seeing everyone in September. Send Ann a MessageSend Ann a Message
Charles (Charlie) Demarest
Chemical engineer Married 3
Charlie and Nancy met and married shortly after U. Conn Grad School. Have 2 sons Matthew, and Bradford. And 1 daughter Stephanie. Charlie worked in motor oil research for Texaco Beacon, NY. Then off to Texas, and now Lake Charles, LA., where he designed and built (2) petro chemical plants - WESTLAKE CHEMICAL CORP little brother - Creighton DHS '70 Send Charles (Charlie) a MessageSend Charles (Charlie) a Message
Susan Stone (Coffman)
Retired Retail Buyer Married 2
We've been living in the Boston area for the last 27 years. We sold our house in Lexington 4 years ago and moved into a condo on the Boston Harbor. It's like being on vacation all of the time . Our son, Parker, lives in Houston and is expecting his first child in July. Our daughter, Brooke, is married and living in Pasadena. We spend our summers in Maine and are trying to decide where our next move will be-somewhere warm for sure so that we can play more golf and tennis! See you in September!!! Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Donald Conley Sr.
Retired TIRE WAREHOUSE MGR. Single 6
Chuck Conti
Real Estate Married 2
Looking forward to seeing old friends who made it to the 10th, 20th and 30th reunions, and especially those who will be attending their first. OK, so we have changed a bit in appearance, but think of how much wisdom we have acquired. Right? Send Chuck a MessageSend Chuck a Message
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