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Peter Ulrich
Married 2
Its been fun reading about everyone. It seems amazing to me that so much time has passed since High School - many memories are still strong.

The quick version...

From DHS to University of Delaware for Electrical Engineering. Two years later took a two year hiatus to visit the scenic Mekong River. Had as much fun as I could there, came back to Darien, married a high school sweatheart from Norwalk, went back to Delaware to finish school - this time with a combo EE and Bus Admin major.

Got a job with Hewlett Packard (where I ran into Dick Myrick years later) after graduation. Worked at HP (and its spinoff Agilent Technologies) for 30 years before being "right-sized" (It was OK, 30 years is long enough). My tour of duty with HP took me to Paramus, NJ, Rockville, MD, back to NJ (Rockaway) then to White Plains, Bridgeport and Wappinger Falls, NY. Finally I relocated to Fort Collins, CO in 1991 where I remain.

Today I am starting up a new business selling therapeutic lasers to manual therapists, PTs, chripractors and the like. My business partner is my wife Cathy who is a PT and a Rolfer herself.

Family-wise had a daughter Sara and son Blake but finally divorced after 16+ years of marriage. Married again, this time to my soul mate, after moving to Colorado.

My daughter blessed me with a grandson last year and now makes her home in a suburb of Raleigh, NC, but my son remains an eligible bachelor in the process of relocating from Cleveland to Miami where he will be the tournament director for a new LPGA event.

I hope you all have a wonderful time at the reunion. Its been great reconnecting with Alan and others. Best to all.
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Bob Quirk
Banking Married 2
Michael Bonfoey
Profile picture
District Attorney Married 2

My wife, Kelley, and I live at Lake Junaluska which is located in the mountains of Western North Carolina about 35 miles west of Asheville.  Kelley is an attorney with Legal Aid of North Carolina.  My daughter, Tekla, and her husband Doug live and work in Greensboro, NC.  Tekla is a Probation/Parole Officer. I have two granddaughters, McKenzie and Abigail. My stepdaughter, Lauren Kelley, starts high school this year. 


I currently serve the people of the seven most western counties of North Carolina as the elected District Attorney. 


I have been a Tar Heel since I left Darien to attend college.  After graduating from the University of North Carolina with my undergraduate degree and then my law degree, I have made North Carolina my home.

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J. Scott Brumit
Profile picture
Producer/Director/Singer/Voiceover Married 2
Married to Charlotte since 1971
2 Grand Children - Lilly Hanna Dowd and Jacob Brumit Dowd
Had a side career with Lotus Development Corporation/IBM for 15 years and now happily back in the music industry
General Director of Longwood Opera since 1986
Ta'i Chi/QiQong Instructor
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Steven Buenning
Profile picture
High school teacher Married 2
Though I only attended DHS during my senior year, I have many fond memories, especially of the kindness shown by classmates to "the new kid."  I particularly enjoyed the friends in DHS drama, and I'm still in touch with George Harlow.  Married 33 years; have taught high school social studies in Palatine, IL for 32 years.  Wife Betty is a middle school librarian, daughter Amy (24) is an Army wife headed to grad school in '08, son Mark (22) is an actor/comic/student in nearby Chicago.
Best wishes to all! (P.S. Photo shows my family in Paris, June 2007)
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Douglas Jones
retired attorney Married 2
After graduating from Dartmouth, I spent 3 years on active duty in the Army.  MaryAnne  (Smith '73) and I got married in 1973.  After the Army, I went to law school and then into practice in Rochester, NY.  I was an Assistant DA for 5 years and then went into private practice.  After 17 years with the same firm, I retired from the active practice of law in 2000.  Since then we have done some travelling and spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, kayaking, hunting, etc.  We have two sons, Trevor (26) and Cameron (22).  Trevor is in graduate school and Cam works in advertising in NYC.  We look forward to seeing old friends again. Send Douglas a MessageSend Douglas a Message
Don Hopkins
Profile picture
Profile picture
College Professor Married 1
I earned a PhD from Penn State in 1983. Since then I have been a professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. I earned tenure around 1988 and was department chair for many years. For much of my time at Temple I focused on research and publishing. Now I mostly enjoy teaching undergraduates more than graduate students or doing research. Undergraduates have a lot more energy and interest in learning for learnings' sake. I have been married for about twenty years. My wife is a school teacher (now retired) for the Philadelphia school district. My son, who is now 18, is about to start college this fall. He will be at Temple studying history and political science. Though I could retire in a couple of years, I probably won't since I still enjoy teaching. I am very interested in restoring  vintage Porsches. I am almost finished rebuilding a 1969 911S right now. I am also very much into playing jazz guitar. Over the years I have become quite a history buff . I look forward to catching up with old classmates and especially those from our unbeaten track team. Send Don a MessageSend Don a Message
Churchill Franklin
Investment Management Married 3

It was great to see you all at reunion.  A little behind schedule, as usual, i thought i would add a little here.  After DHS, went to Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT and majored in American Literature and played linebacker on the Panther football team for 4 years.  
Worked as a carpenter for a couple of years after Midd, married my college sweetheart, Janet Halstead, who was from Springdale and a year behind me at Middlebury.  Worked for Bank of Boston as a commercial loan officer for 7 years, then ran the treasury function for Thermo Electron for 5 years, a Fortune 500 company.  I then co-founded a a start-up global equity money management firm with a PhD from MIT in 1987  We bounced around for awhile and then cought fire and just went by $80 billion in assets under management, about 350 clients.  Clients are large institutions like MIT, Stanford, CALPRS, Oregon, Virginia, Philips;  UPS, etc. Clients are currently in 22 countries.

We have 3 kids, Chip, 27, Katie 25, and Lindsey 22.  All went to Middlebury and all are out.  Chip married his freshman honey from Middlebury this June.  I am on the board of trustees at Middlebury, and was board chair for five years up until a couple of years ago.  

We built a second home 3 miles from campus a couple of years ago.  Come visit!!

I had a great time at the reunion. Bobby, the golf was fabulous. 

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Gary Adkins
Photographer Married 2
We have two boys/men. Chris 26 just graduated from Northeastern and Tyler just graduated from 2nd grade. Send Gary a MessageSend Gary a Message
Dallas Pulliam
Dentist Married 5
BS Tufts, PhD Columbia. Did research and taught med school until I got tired of being poor. Got DMD UPENN in '84. Now practice dentistry in Wayne, PA. Married Diane in 2004. Our children Dallas, Chad, Dave, Renee, and Aimee. 4 married, all employed. Yea no more tuition. Grandchildren, Keegan, Dallas, Maddie, Lexi, Kaitlyn, Elisabeth, Ricky, Emma, Sophia. Love traveling, golf, and grandchildren. Can't wait to see old friends. Send Dallas a MessageSend Dallas a Message
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