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Robert Scheckler
Facilities Manager/Musician Married 3

I am currently still living in Darien. Was widowed after 29 great years of marriage in 2003. Remarried on Oct 21, 2007 to a wonderful women from Chicago. I have been an outsourced Facilities Manager for many years now, currently working in Norwalk. I have been able to keep my music career still active as a drummer and my current band - The Way-Back Machine, recently opened up for Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famers Felix Cavaliere' Rascals 2x & Eric Burden and the Animals 2x
Creedence Clearwater Revicval and Peter Noone at the Ridgefield Playhouse. We are scheduled to open for Feliix again on Sat May 12th  Our website is: . One of my biggest thrills was meeting the Zombies when they played in Stamford and included as a VIP guest at their gig in Long Island. My children are Dan (26) Justin (23) and Kati (22). My wife's name is Cheri. Hope we meet up again one of these days  in the near future.
Peace and Love  Rob
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Janice (Jan) Ogletree (Rising)
Elem. School Teacher/Librarian-Retired Married 3
Sorry we missed the reunion. We were in the middle of downsizing and moving to a 55+ community. I retired from the Springfield, MA public schools after 35 years; I taught 3rd and 4th grades for 10 years and the rest as a librarian. My sons are Paul (28), John (24), and Peter (22) Shipman. My husband, Chris, and I have been married for 12 years and we're still newlyweds. My brother, John, lives in Fairfield. It was great to read about so many "old" friends. I hope to hear from you!
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Susan Mills (Buchheit)
K-12 Principal Married 2

After graduating from UCONN I joined United Air Lines as a flight attendant for about six years before I met my husband, Rob Buchheit.  That was over thirty-one years ago and he is still my dearest friend! 

We lived In Colorado for ten years, and then transferred to San Diego area where we lived for eight years, then on to Orlando, FL for almost three years, and now in Texas for over ten years.  We have been blessed to live in some beautiful places and make many extraordinary friends. 

 I worked for a Broker/Dealer in the Securities industry, and then began teaching High School when we moved to Texas.  I completed my Masters in Education and have recently become a Principal of a K-12 Charter School of about 400 in Waxahachie, TX.  Rob works for University of North Texas and is one of the best in charitable estate planning.   We love what we do, except our pace of life seems to be accelerating instead of  slowing down! 

We have two wonderful and accomplished children.  Our son, Rob, Jr. and daughter-in-law, LeeAnn live with our two grandchildren in Woodbridge, VA where he is a nuclear physicist.   Our daughter will graduate from Baylor University in December after completing her marketing degree and  internship in London this fall.

We look forward to seeing you all for the next reunion.

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Diane Burr (Riggs)
Buddhist scholar/teacher Married
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Cia Henderson (Marion)
Profile picture
Manager, Medical Outreach Program Married 2
Hey, guys--thanks for including me in the Class of '67 even though I left after 10th grade.  What fun to see all of your familiar names and faces again!  I've been living in Westport for 27 years with my husband and two (now adult) children.  I work full-time in Stamford for AmeriCares, a humanitarian aid and disaster relief NGO, running a program that makes medical donations to physicians going overseas on short-term medical trips.  A lot of my quilting friends like to donate quilts to AmeriCares for children overseas, hence the photo. Send Cia a MessageSend Cia a Message
Cheryl Houk
teacher Committed Relationship 2
I've been living in Colorado for 20 years now.  I love it and am just north of Denver. It's a great city with all the major sports teams.  GO Broncos!  I get back to Connecticut a few times a year as my Mom and brother live in Litchfield now.  I'm a teacher.  I got divorced after a long term marriage and am now in a committed relationship.  I have two children.  They both have their masters degrees.  My son, Justin, is a systems engineer and lives south of Denver, and my daughter and her husband are moving to Germany next month. They are taking my 2 grandsons away from me!  Her husband, Curt, is an oral surgeon in the Air Force. We will be going to Germany to visit!  Dennis and I enjoy camping and go a lot of places in our RV. Hi to everyone from the class of 1967!
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Patricia Andreoli (Fern)
Executive Assistant, Investor Relations Married 3
Life has been very good to me.  My husband Jim and I recently celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary and have lived in Darien for 32 of those years.  We are blessed with three wonderful children and an adorable granddaughter.  Justin, 31, is married to Noel and they have a 2 yr. old daughter, Molly.  Bryan is 29 living in California with his fiancee Cindy.  Lori, 25, a UCONN graduate is now pursuing a career in nursing.  The years seem to have gone by in a blink, but all is well. Send Patricia a MessageSend Patricia a Message
Ellen Libby (Hyde)
Preschool Director Married 4
It has been fun to read what everyone has been doing for 40 years.   I haven't spent any time in Darien since my parents moved to Cape Cod  in 1983.  I  keep in touch with my pal Paddies (Johnson) Austin but would love to hear from other DHS friends.

In 1971 I married my college sweetheart.  After 10 years we separated and divorced.  In 1985 I married my soulmate Jim.  We each had two children from our previous marriages, all quite close in age.  They are now grown adults and we are experiencing the excitement of grandparenthood.  My son, Ben, 31, and his wife are expecting their first child next month.  They live in Portland, OR so we will be travelling to see the baby the moment it is born.  My stepdaughter, Gabe, 32, had her first child, in July.  My stepson, Jeff, 29, is getting married  on the Cape next month (hopefully before our trip to Oregon).  My daughter Amy, 25,  is single and lives and works in Boston.  We are fortunate to have  three out of four children living close by.  

Jim and I both still work fulltime.  I have taught at a local preschool for 19 years and have served as its director for seven years.  Jim is a licensed mental health counselor at an agency in Hyannis and is working to develop his own practice as well.  Our lives are rich, happy and busy.  We love living on Cape Cod surrounded by the beautiful ocean.  We enjoy going over the bridge to Boston but are happiest on this little piece of land sticking out into the Atlantic.
Nancy Brown (Pulliam Anglada)
Married 3
Been in PA for over thirty years.  Was married to Dallas Pulliam for 28 years, now divorced.  Have three terrific sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren.  Oldest son in CA with a girl (5) and boy (3).  Middle son is local with a baby girl (6 months).  Youngest son is in Denver.  I'm now remarried and my husband is recently retired.  I'm working in fundraising for a small women's college.  Grandmothering is wonderful!  Sorry to miss the 40th...would love to hear from anyone! Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Peter Hoppock
Profile picture
advertising/consulting Married 2
After receiving a call "out of the blue" from Alan King, my curiousity was piqued, and soon escalated. What are those vague apparitions from my distant past up to? Attached is a photo of myself, wife Debra, and two daughters: Claire and Kate. I look bulkier than I am in reality. Sorry I have no before photo. Maybe I'll find something and scan it later. Send Peter a MessageSend Peter a Message
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