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Edie Whiting
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John Dasher
"gap year" Committed Relationship 2
After 25 years on Wall Street as a lawyer and an investment banker, I spent the next 10 years as a history teacher, football and lacrosse coach at New Canaan High and Fairfield Warde.  I am now taking my second gap year, which basically says that I am in denial about possibly having "retired." Alternatively, it says I am still looking for "what to do next.".
In that vein, I am getting married for the second time on October 19th in Vermont.  Her name is Maryanne McNeill. We are going to live in Greenwich for awhile, but now there are two people looking to write the next chapter.

Wedding plans preclude making it to this reunion.

Best always.

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Donald Frasca
Profile picture
property Investments Married 2
After graduation joined the NAVY. Went on two Med tours. as a air craft director, on the saratoga CVA 60. then at NAS Jacksonville with the hurricane hunters. VW-4. Active duty release in 1972. Then back to the normal life.
Worked 40 years as an automobile technician. Retired after 40 years. Started my own company 2008, DNS property investments INC. Buy and refurbish foreclosed homes. Have lots of fun doing it. Married this time 22 years, to Gloria Odell from NY. Have two kids prior marriages, Bob 38 and Maria 25. Have 1 grandson, Bob's, Robbie 6 years old. Live 20 miles south of Sedona. World known for red rocks and 5 miles north of the oldest mining town, Jerome, in AZ. Looking forward to retiring soon. Enjoy life. It goes by too fast.
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A. James Van Haasteren
Information Technology Married 2

Lived in Pittsburgh, working as a design engineer for an optical company, Moved to NYC and worked in the Audio Visual field designing and building AV systems.  Actively played Rugby until I was 40, gave it up, got married and started working with computers and now at Toy R Us.  Have a daughter, Katie a William & Mary graduate and a son, Andrew a second year at UVA and a wife Jane who puts up with me.

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William Wurtzell
accountant Married 2

My wife, Linda and I have been married 20 years. We have two daughters: Katie, college freshman at Cornell; and Danielle, high school sophomore.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday.

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Margot McNicol (Stevenson)
retired/writer Married
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Gary Barker
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Dentist Divorced 5

I have been a Dentist for 23 years here in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Went back to Dental school after 6 years with the Maine Forest Service as a Forest Ranger. Life has been very good to me. Like Connecticut in the 60's. I have a sailboat and get on the water every weekend. Looking forward to taking it to the Carribean in a few years. I have carried many of you in my heart, wondering what has happened to you folks in the years. I hope life has been as gentle and wonderful for you as it has been for me. Nice Family, good kids.
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James Towne
Profile picture
Attorney Married 2's been a few years.  It was fun reading what you all have been up to-all in all sounds as if life has been pretty good to most of us.  Looks like the reunion was fun-Pat Lillis invited me to the 45th-so I hope to make that in 4 years.

I have a great life-a wonderful wife who deserves much better, 2 great boys and their families-life is good.  As much as I love what I do here in the US practicing law, my real passions are a trust in the Laikipiak area of Kenya and sailing.  I don't seem to get enough time to do either to the extent I'd like-but they are fun and rewarding.

We live on a small "farmette" outside Saratoga Springs in upstate NY.  I finally ended my foray into  thoroughbreds-we bred and raced a number before I awoke to the economic insanity I had created-but it was fun while it lasted.  Chris Orrick came up for a week last year-it was great to see him.  We have a lot of space and spare bedrooms and if anyone is in the area feel free to stop in and grab an empty bedroom. 

Here is a link to the trust in Kenya-please visit and if you can't help, perhaps you know someone who can.

I've conned Gary Barker into helping out at a dental clinic in February and we plan on getting together in Maasai Mara as I will be nearby at the same time.  I'll post pictures of Barker for you when I return.  I get the feeling he really doesn't know what he's in for!

Photo: Gary Barker and Jim Towne, in Kenya.

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Pete Horton
Executive Director Married 6
Dianne and I live in El Cajon, California - just outside of San Diego.  We have six children, and five grandchildren.  I owned my own accounting practice for 20+ years before going to work as the Executive Director for the California-Nevada-Hawaii District of Kiwanis International.  We both enjoy travel and travel frequently for work. We lived close to Napa for 10 years and became hooked on red wine; so Napa is a favorite travel destination for us along with Paris. Send Pete a MessageSend Pete a Message
Joan Harris (Winterkorn)
Antiquarian bookseller Married 2
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